Web Development


Quite often, just having static information about your company on the internet is not enough. Today users expect to be able to interact with websites, through processes such as on-line shopping and social networking.


Our experienced developers can produce web systems specially tailored to your requirements. We work using the Ruby on Rails Framework, which has received a lot of positive critical attention from the media for it’s unique capability to empower developers and programmers with the ability to create quality websites efficiently.

Quality Assurance

The use of Ruby on Rails indirectly encourages the use of Test Driven Design and Behaviour Driven Design to ensure that the final product meets the original requirements laid down from the specification.

Ruby on Rails also advocates the use of Agile Development processes, such as Extreme Programming. These are programming methodologies that are analogous what ISO 9001 and PRINCE 2 business methodologies are to the corporate world.

Using agile development allows us to ensure the project remains client centric, building projects in an iterative nature that allows clients to regularly evaluate developer progress, while allowing developers to be able to quickly react to changes in the project specification.

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