Web Design


A consistent corporate image is paramount for any company fighting in today’s competitive markets. A professional image and first impressions can go a long way when attracting clients. Our web design expertise will deliver you with a web site that not only looks great, but is consistent with your existing corporate image.

A good web design must not just look good, but needs to be accessible and functional for it’s target user base. This includes ensuring websites are search engine optimised and comply with legal accessibility requirements set out by the Disabilities Discrimination Act of October 2004. We strive to pay great attention to detail from start to finish. Once your site is complete we can help arrange hosting and provide support and maintenance for your website throughout it’s lifetime.


Web design projects involve the following:

  • Research – Detailed analysis of business requirements and goals are documented in order to generate a detailed project specification.
  • Prototyping – This gives clients a clear idea what the final outcome of a project will feel like.
  • Development – Our development team will commence work on as soon as the client is happy with the prototypes and specification. Clients are regularly informed about project progress and are encouraged to give feedback.
  • Deployment – Once a project has been completed to to the client requirements the finished product will need to be hosted. Typically this will involve registering relevant domain names and server configuration.
  • Support – Once a project is completed, we will be happy to provide any support needed in order to make the most of your new web site.

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